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Alamo Area Youth Soccer Association Board Members

June 2017 - AAYSA Board Meeting

Agenda for Meeting:

  • Call to Order
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Treasurer's Report
  • President Report
  • Executive Committee Report
  • Presentation - Competitive League Rules
  • New Business
    • Executive Committee
    • By-Laws
    • New Clubs/Independent Teams
  • Old Business
    • Competitive League Rules


  • 9.1 Governing Board Meeting (designated in November and June of each year)

    9.1.2 During November and/or June Governing Board meeting members shall review/approve budget and review/amend constitution/Bylaws

May 2017 – AAYSA Board Meeting

Agenda for Meeting Summary:

  • Presentation:  General League Rules, Challenge Tournament, City Championship, AAYSA Registration, Event Registration, and More. 
  • AAYSA Board Meeting
    • Financial Report
    • Alamo Cup 2017 Post Tournament Report
    • Elections
      • Officer elected odd number years: Executive Vice President, Secretary, Director of Coaching, Recreation (D4) Vice President and VP Academy

Proposal Documents:  There were some modifications after the Proposal Discussions took place in April 2017.

July 2017 - AAYSA Board Meeting

Agenda for Meeting:

  • Review STYSA GBM
  • Review League Registrations
  • Challenge Tournament Report
  • and more.


August 2017 - AAYSA Board Meeting

September 2017 - AAYSA Board Meeting

October 2017 - AAYSA Board Meeting

November 2017 – AAYSA Board Meeting

December 2017 – AAYSA Board Meeting

January 2018 – AAYSA Board Meeting

February 2018 – AAYSA Board Meeting

March 2018 – AAYSA Board Meeting

April 2018 – AAYSA Board Meeting

May 2018 – AAYSA Board Meeting

June 2018 – AAYSA Board Meeting

Executive Board

Ed Garza President

James Hope Executive VP

Jose Martinez Secretary

Lynne Fults Treasurer

Tara Thompson Select VP

Rosalinda Prieto-Williams Academy VP/D4

Rosalinda Prieto-Williams Registrar

Ed Perry Director of Coaching

Mike Colyer Director of Referees