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AAYSA Vice President

AAYSA D&P Policy

AAYSA board members and D&P committee makes every effort to resolve any issues or discrepancies among clubs without a long process and hearings, but many times we have to follow a D&P hearing to resolve conflicts and assign responsibilities and suspend players, coaches or spectators for discipline and poor behavior on fields, games, practices and tournaments.

Want to Host A Tournament?

AAYSA approves tournaments in the area and then they are forwarded to STYSA Association for listing and insurance purposes.

Your application must have the full application mailed to

Marco Barros
110 Broadway, Suite 360
San Antonio, TX 78205

Must include the tournament rules and a payment payable to STYSA for $100 or $350 (depending on type of tournament/ restricted or unrestricted)
Plus a check payable to AAYSA for $50 for processing and listing in the AAYSA website.

See below for Tournament Hosting Forms.

Ed Garza

Ed Garza

AAYSA Vice President and Tournament Director

Phone: (210) 355-8565