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The Following Programs for Competitive will be offered for the 2021-2022 Fall/Spring Seasonal Year




AAYSA - Division 2 - (AACL)
Alamo Area Youth Soccer Assn

Game are scheduled home and away with the following full sided formats.  

11/12u - 9v9   (Fall & Spring) 

13/19u - 11v11  (11-14U only for Spring 2022) 








  • REMINDERALL participating teams need to also be registered to 2021/2022 AAYSA Registration Event (Roster/Cards)
August 1, 2021

2021/2022 AAYSA Registration Event (Roster/Cards)
Alamo Area Youth Soccer Assn





All teams from the Fall 2021 Season will automatically be scheduled for the Spring 2022 Season (with the exception of 15-19U, as they are in High School Season).  Spring 2022 we will allow new teams from 11-14u.  New teams must be registered properly both in the Registration Event and League, coaches/team managers, and players must have their proper "head shot photos and all 3 requirements fulfilled".  No team will be allowed that is missing a coach or minimum required players to start the game. 


Game Cards:

All game cards need to be emailed Day of the Game by BOTH Teams.

With the following format in the subject line (example for Subject Line-  AACL and game #).  Please make sure if you are taking a picture that it is clear and of the whole card.

 Absolutely NO write ins Allowed !!!! If a player is not printing on the game card please get with your club registrar for corrections.  The player(s) will not be permitted to play.  Write ins = a forfeit !! NO EXCEPTIONS


Team Drop / NO Show Fees/Forfeit Fees

Once schedules are made in the system prior to scheduling from the home teams,  any team who decides to not play in the league will incur a fine of $250 plus the forfeit fee for each game they were on the schedule for (see forfeit fee below)

No-Shows/Forfeits are not going to be acceptable this season - any team who does not show up to a scheduled match (which is in the system) will incur a fine of $150 per each game.  This is not fair to the opposing teams players or parents who have to make a drive. 

Write Ins will not  be permitted and will be fined $50.00 per each player written in.