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Club Registrars

Registrars can look for the league with the following name:

AAYSA 2020-2021 AAPL/CL (Home/Away games)
For all teams 11U-19U who will be playing full sided 9v9 & 11v11 games. 

  • Cost - No Team Fees 
  • Player Fees to AAYSA & STYSA only 

Teams who play in this league will be eligible to qualify for the Fall Championships & Spring Cups. 

  • REMINDERALL participating teams need to also be registered to AAYSA 2020-2021 Team/Player Registration (roster/cards) & AAYSA 2020-2021 AAPL/CL (8/1/2020) 
  • Teams need to be in the system by August 15, 2020
  • Mandatory Scheduling Meeting will be August 31 (Times & Age Groups to be updated) 


*All teams from Fall 2020 will automatically go to the spring division for scheduling unless an email is sent stating otherwise*

Spring 2021 New Teams: We will accept new teams (11-14U) which need to be entered into the AAYSA 2020-2021 team/player Registration (roster/cards) for billing and insurance purposes, along with being entered into the league ( AAYSA 2020-2021 AAPL/CL 8-1-2020) for scheduling purposes.  Teams need to be registered to both and the ABSOLUTE last date to enter your teams is Feb 5, 2021  - No late entries will be accepted in.  An email needs to be sent prior to Feb 5th if your team will not be playing spring.

11U-14U teams will not have a scheduling meeting - schedules will be made and the field schedulers for the home team will put times to their games.  If there is a problem with the time entered both teams will communicate with each other through the Gotsoccer chat ONLY to confirm a different date/time if permitted with the home field schedulers approval.  

There will not be schedules made for 15-19U teams due to high-school games going all the way through the end of March and Spring Cups starting early April.  In the meantime these teams can enter into tournaments.

Game Cards

All game cards need to be emailed to within 24 hours after the game by BOTH teams:  With the following format in the subject line (example for Subject Line-  AAPL/AACL and game #).  Please make sure if you are taking a picture that it is clear and of the whole card.

 Absolutely NO write ins Allowed !!!! If a player is not printing on the game card please get with your club registrar for corrections.  The player(s) will not be permitted to play.  Write ins = a forfeit !! NO EXCEPTIONS

Team Drop / NO Show Fees/Forfeit Fees

Once schedules are made any teams who decide to not play in the league will incur a fine of $250 plus the forfeit fee for each game they were scheduled for (see forfeit fee below)

No-Shows/Forfeits are not going to be acceptable this season - any team who does not show up to a scheduled match (which is in the system) will incur a fine of $150 per each game.  This is not fair to the opposing teams players or parents who have to make a drive. 

Write Ins will not  be permitted and will be fined $50.00 per each player written in.