Academy Registrar Section

This 2017-18 season the format for play is as follows: (team vs team)

U7 (birth year 2011) will play a 4v4 format - No refs needed, travel is involved

U8 (birth year 2010) will play a 4v4 format with travel and can be 6v6 if coaches agree and have enough players to do so.  -  No Refs needed - travel involved

U9 & U10 (birth year 2009 & 2008) will play a 7v7 format. - travel 

NO PLAYER CARDS ARE NEEDED FOR ACADEMY PLAYERS DURING SEASON - unless they will be doing a tournament.  

Please Roster your players to their appropriate team in Gotsoccer.  

Players can play more than one game per day.  Please do not use the Guest Player or Club Pass to move any players for academy.   They do not need to be moved at all.