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Referee Clinics

By STSR, 06/07/17, 10:00AM CDT


Have you Recertified yet for 2017? Due by June 15th!

If you have yet to recertify for 2017, you must do so by registering for the Online Recertification course and taking the online lessons by June 15th.  Failure to do so, will prevent you from officiating in 2017.

Entry Grade 8 (New Referee) clinics will be scheduled in all areas for the August-October timeframe. The Fall soccer season starts in September, with some pre-season tournaments in  late August. .

Recertification clinics for the 2018 badge year continue will be offered starting in September. If you have NOT attended a 2018 recertification clinic by 12/31, you will pay the non-discounted registration fee ($62.50 for Grade 8).    Hybrid Recertification clinics will consist of Online modules and a 2-3 hour In-Person clinic attendance.  Some areas may offer a full 5 hour In-Person Recertification clinic which includes a written test and no online course work.
After January 1st, STSR will also offer a FULLY ONLINE option for 2018 Recertification for those that just cannot find the time and location to attend a hybrid Recertification clinic.  This FULLY ONLINE option will cost $15.00 more than a standard clinic, because STSR would really like you to attend an In-Person clinic if at all possible due to the large number of law changes this year.

Be sure and Recertify for 2017 before June 15th of this year, to officiate this year.

Be sure and Recertify for 2018 before December 31st of this year to avoid paying late registration and clinic fees.

The Digital version of the Laws of the Game can be found here. The book may also be downloaded under "Documents:


US Soccer no longer supplies the Laws of the Game book for grade 8 and 7 referees. It is however available for purchase:

Laws of the Game Book Available for Purchase
The  Laws of the Game published by The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is now available for purchase on the U.S. Soccer Store.  . The cost of the book is $5.99 (plus S/H), Member Price $5.39 (plus S/H).