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Resources and Clinics for San Antonio Referees

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2017 STSR Scholarship Application

Deadline: June 9, 2017

Interested in Becoming A Referee?

Interested in becoming a referee?  Follow this link to get started:

Click Here:  United States Soccer Federation Official

We are the official USSF affiliated soccer referee organization for South Texas and are responsible for the administration of the USSF Program for Referee development, including Administration, Registration, Instruction, Assessment and Assignors within South Texas.  Through STSR site you will be able to become a referee, maintain your referee status and upgrade as a referee.  It will also provide similar support for other USSF roles (e.g. Assignors, Assessors and Instructors).  


  • If you want to become a Referee, click on the entry in the right sidebar, titled "How to Become a Referee."
  • If you are an existing USSF Referee from another State Association moving to South Texas, use the Registration: "Transfering to South Texas". 
  • If you are temporarily in South Texas and wish to officate as a Guest Referee use the Registration: Register as a Guest.

Mike Coyer Director of Referees

Phone: 210-241-0339

Scholarship Application Information


Eligibility.  AAYSA scholarships are awarded annually to select high school seniors to assist them in obtaining college, university, trade or technical school funding. High school senior applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a graduating senior of an accredited high school or home school program.
  2.  Must be accepted or anticipate acceptance by a college, university, trade or technical school.
  3. Must use the scholarship no later than the following academic year at an accredited college, university, trade or technical school.
  4. May not accept a concurrent scholarship that includes all tuition, room and board.
  5. Must have been involved in soccer with a member of AAYSA and must be a currently registered referee with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Referees Are Needed!!!

We are looking for clubs to host referee clinics - Please contact Mike Coyer if you are interested in helping!!!!

Need to Renew Your Certification or Advance Your Training?

Click HERE to pick the grade you are looking to renew or advance to and see a list available clinic in your area.

South Texas Soccer Referee News

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