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International Transfer Clearance (ITC)



U.S. Soccer department of Player Status is responsible for processing all registration requests for international clearances, both professional and amateur. The services provided and processed by Player Status are obligated to be compliant with FIFA regulations as outlined in the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.


The registration process and forms outlined on this page apply specifically to players wishing to register for clubs/leagues/teams solely based in the United States, regardless of player’s nationality.  Players wishing to participate in clubs/teams/leagues outside the United States should contact the local Member Association (MA) / Federation to inquire about the processes and forms required to register locally.  The international clearance requirements are the same as these are regulated by FIFA. A list of FIFA Member Associations can be found HERE.




Per FIFA's Regulations, the international clearance process is required when any foreign-born player over the age of 10 is attempting to register with an affiliated club/team/league in the United States, regardless of that player's soccer ability or citizenship and one or both of the below instances apply:

  • Player was born outside of the United States, including U.S. citizens born abroad.

  • Player previously registered with a club/team/league outside of the United States. 

The home association, U.S. Soccer, is responsible for obtaining the clearance on behalf of these  players prior to their registration and participation with any U.S. Soccer affiliated club/team/ league.  Clearance is required for ALL players who meet one or both of the above instances regardless of past practices, age, nationality, club affiliation, or member organization with which the player is registering/participating.   Failure to adhere to the requirements can result in fines and/or sanctioning from both FIFA and U.S. Soccer.



  • Minors - players 17 years of age and younger

  • Adult - players 18 years of age and older

  • Amateur status - no payment involved regardless of age


  • TMS – Transfer Matching System

  • MA – Member Association (foreign federation)

  • ITC – International Transfer Certificate

  • FR – First Registration



The table below is displayed for the applicant’s reference. To submit a complete international clearance form: 

  • Applicants should review the forms and corresponding requirements.

  • Choose only one form that represents their current individual status.

Applicants are expected to meet all application requirements specified on the form to have the application reviewed and processed.





P10 Registration

· International clearances and first registrations for any player nine (9) years of age and younger at the time of registration regardless of citizenship.

First Registration - U.S. Citizen

· U.S. citizens born outside the United States who have never been registered at any level to play soccer in any other country.

· Holds physical proof of citizenship.

First Registration - U.S. Citizen – Awaiting Physical Proof

· U.S. citizens born outside the United States who have never been registered at any level to play soccer in any other country.

· Does not currently hold physical proof of citizenship but according to the United States government, is a U.S. citizen.

5 Year Exception

· Player is registering for the first time and has lived continuously in the United States for the last five years.

50km/31mi Exception

· Both the player and club are within 50km/31mi of their common national border.

· The distance between the two is less than 100km/62mi.

Parents Move Exception

· The parents of the player moved to the United States for reasons not linked to soccer.

· Includes United States citizens returning home to their family after studying abroad.

Exchange Student Exception

· The player is an exchange student undertaking an academic program in the United States.

Accompanied Refugee Exception

· The player is moving for humanitarian reasons with their parents.

Unaccompanied Refugee Exception

· The player is moving for humanitarian reasons without their parents.





First Registration 18+

· Any player born outside of the United States

· Never been registered at any level to play soccer in any other country.

International Transfer Certificate (ITC)

· Any player 18+ who has been previously registered to a club in another country and wishes to play for club/team/league in the United Sates.




Each application has specific submission requirements. Failure to follow these requirements will lead to the withdrawal of the application from the review process. To ensure the timely processing of all applications the following instructions must be adhered to:


  • Criteria is provided for each clearance type to assist the applicant in selecting the appropriate form based on the players’ CURRENT status, i.e. age, first registration, international clearance, minor applications.

  • Applicants are responsible to submit all required information as outlined on each form.

  • Information submitted  is required to be accurate and complete

  • Submit completed forms and all required document(s) in ONE (1) email to – for processing with the following:

    • Subject line should indicate form type and player name.

    • Form and documents must be in PDF format.

    • Each loaded separately and up to 5MB or less.

  • Partially completed forms and/or applications missing documents will not be processed.

  • Applications must be submitted at least 30 days* prior to start of club/team/league play.


The Player Status Department will contact applicants to provide updates on applications when available and/or required.  Due to the high volume of applications received, kindly refrain from submitting emails requesting status updates as those specific requests will not receive a response.  


*Please note submitting at least 30 days prior to the start of club/team/league play does not guarantee the player will be eligible as some processes require both FIFA and U.S. Soccer approval.