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International Clearances (ITC)

In accordance with FIFA RSTP, the clearance process is required when a player over the age of 10 is attempting to register with an affiliated club/league in the United States, regardless of that player's soccer ability. It is the responsibility of the registering club to verify a player’s registration history in order to ascertain whether a clearance may be required. A determination is made by the registering club personnel on which type of clearance the player requires based on the below listed criteria:

  • INTERNATIONAL CLEARANCE TRANSFER (ITC) - Player (adult or minor) of any nationality who has previously been registered with a club affiliated to one federation and now wishes to be registered with a club affiliated to the United States.

  • FIRST REGISTRATION - Player (adult or minor) who has never previously been registered with a club and is not a national of the country in which they wish to be registered for the first time.

FIFA imposed a general ban on the international transfer of minor players (age 10-17). Despite the ban,  FIFA has identified a few exceptions which minors can apply for an International Transfer Certificate or First Registration.  For more information on minor exception applications please refer to the Protection of Minors – Guide to Submitting a Minor Application  published by FIFA.

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