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Welcome to the Coaches/Team Managers Corner

Finding Inspiration in Every Player 

Holding players accountable is uncomfortable.  But having players fail because you won't coach, confront or correct them is unacceptable. 

-Gary Curneen 

Profile Requirements 

Your Coach/ Team Manager profile will have 3 requirements under USYS (South Texas Youth Soccer Association along with 2 requirements for Alamo Area Youth Soccer Association). that need to be complete and showing fulfilled before you can be on any sideline/practice with the players.  This is located on your dashboard when logging in.  Pay attention to your Expiration Month & Year

Everyone must complete another SAFESPORT on 6/1/2024 for the 24/25 seasonal year.  

Safe Sport is now on a FIXED date to which we will all expire at the same time every year (5/31) You will be required to take another course on June 1 (with the exception of this year 2023 which will accept those who completed a course on April 1, 2023  & May 2023). 

You must complete only 1 of the courses below on a yearly basis, in the following order

1) Safe Sport Trained - US Soccer Federation (90 min)   Complete First  

2) Refresher 1 : Recognizing and reporting misconduct - U.S. Soccer (30 min) - Complete 2nd year 

3) Refresher 2: Preventing Misconduct - U.S. Soccer (30 min) - Complete Third Year

4) Refresher 3: Creating a Positive Sports Environment - U.S. (30 min) - Complete 4th year

Once you have completed all 4 start back over with safe sport trained

Heads Up Concussion Course

Requirement only needs to be taken once, at this time, but required for an adult to receive their participation pass. 

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